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WinZO Games, a social skill gaming platform with more than 100 games like Ludo, Pool, and Racing Games, said it will invest about $50 million, or Rs 415 crore, across startups. The Delhi-based gaming startup declared the fourth version of its Game Developer Fund, with the biggest-ever corpus of $50 ... Read More
March 21, 2023Roland Landers


Many people have played sports and adventure games from the comfort of their own homes since the early days of video games, but not in the same way that we can now. Players now have access to organized events with opponents from all over the world, allowing them to participate ... Read More
February 22, 2023Roland Landers


The Indian gaming industry has recently seen tremendous growth and youth involvement, with approximately 420 million unique gamers and a digitally dynamic audience of 500 million people aged 15–35. Besides, the industry saw a flood during the worldwide pandemic. India is currently poised to become perhaps the fastest-developing sector in ... Read More
February 17, 2023Roland Landers


With 507 million players as of today, India has reached a significant milestone for the gaming industry. Observing Indian gaming trends, almost a quarter of the 120 million users are paying customers, earning $20 per user. The information comes from Lumikai, the only gaming-focused venture capital fund in India, which recently unveiled ... Read More
February 6, 2023Roland Landers


From video games to virtual reality, how we play games is changing drastically. All credit goes to the progression of innovation. Furthermore, we can't forget the impact of the Coronavirus on the development of the online gaming industry. The online gaming industry saw massive development during the COVID flare-up when ... Read More
January 16, 2023Roland Landers


India is making progress toward turning into a gaming superpower. As per industry reports, there are more than 400 gaming organizations in India, which is home to around 420 million online gamers. The gaming industry at present registers a development pace of 38%. By 2025, the gaming industry in India ... Read More
October 10, 2022Roland Landers


BGR's annual BGR Gaming Awards 2022 were held in India. The second edition of the online event was streamed on the official Facebook and YouTube handles of BGR.in and India.com and it focused on perceiving the organizations, products, and individuals who have helped in building a multi-billion-dollar industry and fortifying ... Read More
October 3, 2022Roland Landers


The online gaming industry has seen a whirlwind rise in the last couple of years, powered by young and tech-savvy people, affordable accessibility of cell phones, better internet connectivity, and overall technological development. Ready to further add to the expanding numbers, online gamers are supposed to reach 510 million by 2025, ... Read More
September 13, 2022Roland Landers


With around 420 million dynamic online gamers and a 500-million-strong digitally native populace aged 15–35, India is set to universally become quite possibly the fastest developing business sector. At the new India Gaming Conclave (IGO 2022), eminent industry leaders and stakeholders got together to discuss the future roadmap of the ... Read More
September 1, 2022Roland Landers


Ujjwal Chaurasia enjoyed gaming even as a five-year-old when he would play Snakes and Bounce on his older sibling's Nokia telephone. His passion developed throughout the long term, and soon he was watching YouTube videos to get better at it, even though his family wasn't happy with his fixation. As ... Read More
July 22, 2022Roland Landers