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As the world shifts to digital, esports gaming is becoming more and more popular. With competitive video gaming becoming more popular, India has the opportunity to become a major player in esports gaming and engagement. But it won't be easy - it'll take everyone working together, from gamers to game ... Read More
May 2, 2023Roland Landers


The year 2023 is a successful year for esports- competitive tournaments and leagues in India as the government of India has officially acknowledged 'E-Sports' (Electronic Sports) as a part of multi-sports events. All things considered, esports players prepared thoroughly for rivalry and emphasised mental as well as physical preparation, particularly ... Read More
March 16, 2023Roland Landers


Esports is a rapidly developing industry in India, with a fan base that is supposed to reach 100 million by 2025. As the esports industry in India keeps on growing, there are a few trends that are forming the industry, including trends related to content, community, experiences, and engagement. CONTENT While a ... Read More
February 28, 2023Roland Landers


Esports competitions date back to the 1970s (though they did not appear to be what they are today), but they have yet to reach their full potential. Not a long time ago, esports tournament organizers began moving video game competitions from small gaming cafes to stadiums loaded with onlookers. Even ... Read More
December 29, 2022Roland Landers


The fame of esports has hit a breaking point, with an expected 29.6 million monthly esports viewers in 2022, up 11.5% from 2021. Furthermore, with a fan base made up primarily of young people and tech-savvy individuals, the esports industry is perfectly prepared to capitalize on the potential of the ... Read More
August 5, 2022Roland Landers


While doubters might still accept that the luck factor is too high in poker, the ascent in popularity of the game and the reach-back ends on the skill factor demonstrate a change in this outlook. Think about this: A MIT report says that poker requires the ability to appropriately understand circumstances ... Read More
July 22, 2022Roland Landers


Gameskraft Foundation, the social arm of the online skill-based gaming and entertainment organization Gameskraft, has associated with Anju Bobby Sports Foundation (ABSF) to help the advancement of ABSF's new high-performance academy in Bengaluru. Through the grant, the Gameskraft Foundation makes its most memorable strides, showing its expectation in sports advancement ... Read More
July 20, 2022Roland Landers


The year 2022 is turning out to be an intriguing one for the Indian online gaming industry. The online gaming sector has technologically progressed so widely with the assistance of AI and scientific data analysts that there has been a monstrous expansion in UI development. As a matter of fact, ... Read More
July 19, 2022Roland Landers


WinZO is a platform for local entertainment that utilizes microtransactions and gives its users the choice of over 100 games in five distinct formats and an excess of ten different local languages. The different game contributions incorporate hyper-casual games like Candy Crush, Metro Surfer, Carrom, Chess, Ludo, and Pool to ... Read More
July 19, 2022Roland Landers


Recently, the ascent of new startups in India's online gaming industry has sped up, decidedly affecting the economic pattern of the country. It has certainly become one of the most lucrative sectors on the planet by filling in as a center point for tech lovers and experts alike. Curiously, online ... Read More
July 19, 2022Roland Landers