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The gaming industry is seeing some amazing tech changes that are changing the way players play in virtual worlds. Cloud gaming, VR/AR, ray tracing, cross-platform games, and the esports scene are all changing the gaming experience. Plus, mobile gaming is taking off, especially for online slot fans. Let’s look at ... Read More
August 22, 2023Admin akads


Two years ago, the biggest thing in gaming was next-gen consoles. Now that they're all gone, it's all about online gaming. The competition to be the king of virtual gaming is heating up. Companies that once dominated the market are losing out to new startups. Things that were once thought to ... Read More
August 8, 2023Admin akads


The gaming and esports sector has been booming for a while now, and it's not going to slow down anytime soon. Thanks to new tech and how we're consuming media, it's only going to get bigger and better over the next few years. India's gaming market is estimated to be ... Read More
May 23, 2023Roland Landers


Zupee is a mobile online gaming platform that offers a variety of skill-based games that can be played and won. Players can participate in different games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Cricket Trump Cards, and win monetary prizes. Zupee also offers various rewards and bonuses to its users, such ... Read More
May 10, 2023Roland Landers


The Indian online gaming industry is at the edge of development. The main factor adds to the ascent of the online gaming industry, making it one of the biggest and most gainful sectors globally. Amid these is the prominent flood in digitization, supported by the far and wide extension of ... Read More
March 29, 2023Roland Landers


Online gaming has evolved significantly owing to mobile phone technology, which is also mainly responsible for the existence of online gaming as we know it today. While mobile technology cannot be directly attributed to the rise in popularity of gaming, mobile phones are unquestionably to credit for the size and ... Read More
March 15, 2023Roland Landers


The Indian gaming industry has recently seen tremendous growth and youth involvement, with approximately 420 million unique gamers and a digitally dynamic audience of 500 million people aged 15–35. Besides, the industry saw a flood during the worldwide pandemic. India is currently poised to become perhaps the fastest-developing sector in ... Read More
February 17, 2023Roland Landers


Ready to bring revolutionary development across industries, the 5G network launch has been one of the most anticipated innovations in India's new history. The 5G technology addresses significant potential in connecting people and, more importantly, clearing the way for newer applications in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment, among ... Read More
January 18, 2023Roland Landers


Online gaming is at another level of popularity than ever, and players expect a more fantastic experience from it. This is because of the technological advancements that have made gaming more vivid and engaging than at any other time. However, as their popularity has grown, gamers' expectations of user interactions have ... Read More
December 29, 2022Roland Landers


Today's gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that constantly pushes the limits of innovation and entertainment. With the emergence of mobile gaming, cloud gaming, and upgrades to equipment, gaming has turned into a practical type of entertainment for players from various backgrounds and ages, making new sections of game lovers ... Read More
October 20, 2022Roland Landers