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“A 12-year-old me playing Counter-Strike with his elder brother didn’t know he’d be playing the same game in 2023 on a TV show with thousands of eyes on him and winning a part of the Rs 50 lakh pot—that’s the beauty of the rise of esports in India,” said 24-year-old ... Read More
April 25, 2023Roland Landers


As a sector of organized, competitive video gaming, esports in India is gaining traction. Esports in India has emerged as the latest frontier for gamers and players alike to demonstrate their worth in organized tournaments on global platforms due to the country's large youth population and rapid adoption of mainstream ... Read More
April 13, 2023Roland Landers


In addition to supporting various industries, artificial intelligence is now establishing itself as a foundation in esports. The esports industry has made significant progress in recent years, but the road has only sometimes been smooth. Some of the market's growth has been slowed by a lack of tournament infrastructure and organizations. ... Read More
April 13, 2023Roland Landers


The central government's recent decision to officially recognize competitive video gaming has been welcomed by the electronic sports or esports industry, which now anticipates additional investments in the emerging sector. On December 27, the Indian government recognized esports as a part of a "multisport" event and integrated them with traditional sports. ... Read More
March 17, 2023Roland Landers


The gaming industry has seen a critical ascent in the number of female creators who are changing the realm of Esports. For quite a while, gaming has been viewed as a male-ruled space, however, this is changing as an ever-increasing number of females reach out and do something worth remembering. ... Read More
March 9, 2023Roland Landers


Esports is a rapidly developing industry in India, with a fan base that is supposed to reach 100 million by 2025. As the esports industry in India keeps on growing, there are a few trends that are forming the industry, including trends related to content, community, experiences, and engagement. CONTENT While a ... Read More
February 28, 2023Roland Landers


The Indian gaming industry has seen unusual development lately, upheld by the further development of infrastructure, internet penetration, and smartphone adoption. As per a new report, the number of gamers in India has risen from 250 million in 2018 to 507 million in 2022. The report by Mobile Premier League (MPL), ... Read More
February 13, 2023Roland Landers


Electronic sports, or "esports," which are competitive video game tournaments held on online gaming platforms, have overwhelmed the world and are viewed as one of the most promising industries in India. This sector is likewise expected to grow further before very long because of affordable mobile data and the introduction ... Read More
January 5, 2023Roland Landers


Esports competitions date back to the 1970s (though they did not appear to be what they are today), but they have yet to reach their full potential. Not a long time ago, esports tournament organizers began moving video game competitions from small gaming cafes to stadiums loaded with onlookers. Even ... Read More
December 29, 2022Roland Landers


Right now, gaming and esports are some of the fastest-developing industries, overshadowing traditional spaces like films and music. In any case, it's important to try to see some of the driving variables for this entertainment behemoth. More than anything, this blast is driven by advancements in innovation and generally easier ... Read More
October 3, 2022Roland Landers